Frequently asked questions

So how does it works?

GLEE is an advanced facial cleansing brush devise which made from soft & harmless silicone bristles.It has dual modes:
Fronted- Cleansing:
Cleaning & reviving your skin face by the unique silicone bristles powered by sonic pulses in a range between 3000-8000 pulsation per minute, by that, GLEE offers deep cleansing high performance to remove 99.6% of dead skin cells, makeup residues & oil dirt. The great results keep your skin softer, smoother and healthier in only few minutes a day.GLEE offers 5 levels of intensity which can be increased or decreased with the + or - buttons.

Backend- Anti-Aging
Massages your skin face by using a lower-frequency pulses technology which stimulate your blood stream circulation, this helps to reduce & prevent signs of skin aging such as: wrinkles, sagging, photoaging & poor skin texture.

Can I use GLEE around the eye area?

Yes, it is safe to use GLEE which is based on a unique technology that helps reduce dark circles and puffiness Upon GLEE usage around eyes area, it is advisable to set a lower intensity of level & not tight it too hard around eye skin.

Can I use GLEE if I had cosmetic procedure such as Botox or hyaluronic acid treatment?

It is best recommended for you to consult with your therapist/skincare professional before use.

Can I use Glee for Anti-Aging with serums and creams?

Sure you can. Using beauty products in combination with Glee provides superior results.

How do I clean GLEE ?

GLEE is a 100% waterproof device based on IPX7 level, so you can wash it with water & soap.Dry it with a lint-free towel or air-dry.

Do I need to charge my GLEE device before first use?

Please be advised that upon arrival, GLEE device might not be fully charged.Therefore, before first usage with GLEE, you should charge the device with received USB cable for at least 2 hours.

Where's the product manual?

We are in GLEE doing our best to encourage eco-friendly environment. We invite you to check here at our online product manual so you could have much more benefit from GLEE devise.

Do you offer warranty?

Yes! We offer a 1 year Global Warranty on workmanship and all manufacturing defects from the day you receive the item(s). Please note the warranty does not cover general wear and tear from everyday usage.

Can I cancel my order once it has been placed/shipped?

Unfortunately, we are not able to cancel an order if it has already been shipped. However, you can return the package to us after it has been received. It should be returned to us unopened within 14 days.
Please include your name, order number and reason for return on the package or box.

How can I track my order?

Your account will show that your order is “completed” once your order is confirmed and verified. When the order is shipped, you will be emailed a tracking number that you can use to track your package on the website of the shipping company.

Will my credit card information be stored?

To safeguard your security, Glee does not store any credit card details. If you are uncomfortable with providing your credit card details online, please fill in the Help Desk form and we will offer an alternative payment method.
Online purchases will be charged to your credit card when you submit your order. However, the transaction will only be put through once we have verified your card details, received credit authorization and confirmed the availability of stock. You will be notified by email if for any reason we are unable to complete your order.

My order hasn’t arrived yet

-We aim to get orders out to you as soon as possible, but due to the nature of international shipping and customs operations, for some locations it may be longer than others. If it is has been longer than 10 days, please contact us.

-We strive for customer satisfaction, so we will make sure to do what is right by you.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide (well, almost)

Status order & tracking

Once your order is confirmed & verified, you will receive from us an email which says your order is now completed & in process. When your product will be shipped to you, we will email your tracking number which can used to track your package on the website of shipping company.

My tracking number doesn’t work

Since the supply chain of GLEE product may carried out by many shipping companies it takes a little while for the tracking number code to be updated. We know you are passionate about getting our product, don't worry, we will do our best

My order has not arrived yet

We do our best to ship your product as fast as possible, however sometimes there are unexpected delays which depend on costumes operations or that shipping time might be linger for some locations. We are monitoring every shipment, so we are making sure your product arrives quickly. In case you are facing any delay of more than 10 days from the product estimated delivery date, please contact us.

Can I cancel my order once it has been placed/shipped?

Unfortunately, we can’t cancel an order which has already been shipped.But after your package has been received, you may send it back to us within 14 days, provided the package is unopened.Please include your name, order number and reason for return on the package or box

Will my credit card information be stored?

Glee doesn’t store any credit card details. Online purchases will be charged to your credit card when you submit an order. However, the money transaction will occur once we:
1. Verified your card details
2. Received credit authorization
3. Confirmed availability of our stock.You will be notified by email if for any reason we are unable
to complete your order.

Do you offer refunds?

Keeping you satisfied is our number one whish. Therefore, we accept your return request upon any reason given. All purchasers of GLEE have 14 days to return their product if it’s unopened from the day which was delivered to you. We can’t accept returns for products whose boxes have been opened.Please be advised that you will be responsible for any shipping fees. You may mark your parcel as ‘returned goods’ to avoid any duty feesClick here for our full Refund Policy.Also please contact us for the most up to date return address.

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